Friday, April 16, 2010's finally Friday! Whooptie doo!!!!

Everyone I know, seems to count down the days until Friday, and they just dread Monday's. Perhaps it's because my "job" keeps me at home EVERY day, neither day really mean too much to me. After awhile, they all just blend together, and 1/2 the time, I don't even know what day it really is. Thankfully my soon to be 6 year old, is never far behind and corrects me when I tell her it's Tuesday, and infact it's really Saturday!! LOL So, from what I hear, today is Friday. So all of my friends are excited....they have the weekend off. Not me. I never have a day off. Not that I'm complaining. I love my children, and my husband, and our life together. But maybe just once, ok who am I kidding....maybe a handful of times, I'd like to have a day off. Its been a super rough week, I've had a lot of cramping and spotting, along with my continued blood pressure problems. Last night however, my body decided that wasn't enough, and wanted to remind me of how much it hates me, thus giving me a HORRIBLE ear ache, sore throat and a snotty nose!! As if the other problems weren't enough?!?!

Alan is working 3rd shift this month, and ontop of that, the Blue Angels are in town, so he's working there. I have no idea what exactly he's doing there, I suppose that was his way of either a) getting out of the house so he didn't have to listen to me complain anymore or b)getting to watch them up close and personal. He loves planes and flying, so I'm just thrilled for him....but, yeah, I have a feeling there was more to it, then just having to "work". :o)

I think we may finally be completely potty trained. By "we", I mean, Quinn. I've been potty trained for some time now!!! He's done great the last 5/6 months peeing on the potty but for some reason, both of my children had a total poop in the potty, phobia!! Honestly, I just don't get it. I'd much rather poop in the potty then have it smushed all over my bum. I guess that's just me?!?! We did have a major break through, yesterday though. After a major diarrhea mess all over my bathroom floor, he opted to use the potty the next 5 times he had to go. We cheered and clapped, and got so excited for him. Secretly I was exicted at the prospect of not having to clean up his messy diapers anymore!!! (I have a good 17 weeks before I'll have to start changing diapers again, and I'm surely going to cherish every second of those 17 weeks!!!) I'm praying that this will continue, as I'm sick of having to stick a diaper on him, so that he can go hide in the closet (yes, we all need our privacy!!) and poop in his diaper!!! I guess, only time will tell.....

I will surely be back later to finish my ramblings....for now, I must go rescue the corn dog from the oven, before I burn it, like the last one!!

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