Friday, April 16, 2010

Cast of Characters!!

Since I've already started spilling my guts about
our family, I figured I had better properly introduce the cast of characters!!
My sweet boy, Quinn...
He's sweet, stubborn, is always worried about whether you are
happy or not, and will do anything to make you laugh,
he's a total clown!!

My beautiful Olivia Hope!!
She is so smart, and passionate about
so many things. She loves horses more then anything, and has been riding since she was 3.
She loves to draw, and tell stories, and her new favorite thing
is riding her bike, "on two wheels" as she says!!
She's so sweet and always wears her heart on her sleeve, much
like her Mommy. I think some people see it as a negative, that she's so
emotional, however I think her sweet, gentleness is very endearing, and that more
kids, and people should have a heart as kind and tender as hers!!
(of course, I may also be biased?!?! LOL)

My two sweet angels!!
They bring so much joy and happiness to our life.
I thank God for everyday that he gives me, with them. I grew up without
parents, so there is nothing in this world that is more
important to me, then my family and my
two (almost 3) precious babies!!!

My beautiful family!!!

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