Friday, April 16, 2010

How do you even label this?!?!

Not even sure what to label this, for my subject. It just makes me giggle, and so I had to share!!!

Yesterday, Olivia comes home from school and tells me that her little "boy" friend in her class has invited her to stay over night at his house (I'm quite sure, this was something he decided on his own, not sure his mom would agree to this, but who knows!!!) I informed her that she was more then welcome to have a playdate with him, however she won't be having boy/girl sleep overs!!! She wasn't happy about this!! I asked her what she told him, and she said that she would ask her Mommy & Daddy!!! The whole thing just tickled me, especially when I thought of how her daddy would react when she told him. He almost had a heart attack, to say the least!!! LOL

So today, when she came home from school, I asked her if she had told him that she wasn't allowed to have a sleep over at his house, and she said yes, and that he told her, "just give them the puppy dog face and they will let you!!" OMG, I seriously had to laugh, it was just so what does she do?!?! She gives me the puppy dog face, and then proceeds to ask me, "did that work?!?!" LMAO Ummmm, yeah, not so much!!!

I will say, that I hope she ALWAYS asks before sleeping over at a boys house!! LOL However I'm sure there will come a day, when that's the last thing she will mention. For now, I'm just going to cherish this memory!!! I found it way more amusing then Alan did though!! LOL She's such a daddy's girl. I'm confident in saying, he probably won't even let her date in high school!! *gigglin*

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